Throughout history, untold suffering and humiliation has been the lot of countless thousands
of men and women due to their addiction to gamble.
Today, through the formation of the Gamblers Anonymous Fellowship, a bright new page
has been unfolded in the struggle against this insidious illness.
People seeking Gamblers Anonymous for help need only have a desire to stop gambling,
and are not required to subscribe to any particular religious belief. Gamblers Anonymous
makes no demands upon them whatsoever.
Most new members find themselves with a multitude of problems. Gamblers Anonymous can
offer sound advice in dealing with these pressures, such as:
1. Legal Difficulties
2. Financial Difficulties
3. Employment Difficulties
4. Family Difficulties

    Gambler’s Anonymous has but one primary purpose - to carry its message to the compulsive
    gambler who still suffers. We invite you to explore the pages of this Website in order that it
    might help you or someone you know with a gambling problem.
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